When You Slip And Fall, You Need The Best Lawyers In Fort Lauderdale
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When You Slip And Fall, You Need The Best Lawyers In Fort Lauderdale

A slip and fall can just seem like a freak accident, but in many cases they actually can be avoided. They can have a lasting impact on your life, so if that fall could have been avoided, then you should contact a lawyer to help you get the compensation you need. Here’s everything you need to know about slip and fall injuries, and how to get help.

Slips And Falls Can Happen Anywhere

Slips and falls are some of the most common injuries a lawyer will see. That’s because they’re so common, yet can be so easily avoided. For example, at work you could fall victim to a wet floor. If you work somewhere that’s likely to have a wet floor, such as a kitchen, then it’s the responsibility of your workplace to keep that floor as dry as possible. If you fall and become injured, they could be liable.

It’s also possible to fall victim to a slip and fall out in public. This can be both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, wet floors in shopping centers or similar are the most common culprit for falls. Outdoors, it can be parking lots or sidewalks after rainy weather. If a company or building owner hasn’t adequately warned you of the dangers of the floor, by putting out signs or similar, then you could be put in danger.

Slip And Fall

The Lasting Effects Of A Fall

A fall can hurt a lot more than your pride. Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyers report that they see all kinds of injuries, such as brain injuries, broken bones, and even paralysis. Serious cases are less common, but they are still a threat. Either way, you could end up with an ER trip and even a lengthy hospital stay if the worst happens to you.

If you have to recover from your injury, it could lead to time needed off work and a long recovery process. It can add unneeded to stress on your family, as they care for you as you recover.

For some people, they struggle with going out to the same kind of places as the one they were injured in. If they fell once, what’s to stop it happening again? It can have a real impact on how that person lives their life.

The Effect They Can Have On Your Earnings

One of the biggest impacts on your life though, following a slip and fall, is financial. If you’ve been injured, then you’re going to be out of pocket one way or another. You’ll have to pay medical costs if you’ve had to go to ER or stay in hospital. You’ll then be struggling if you have to stay off work to recover, as you’ll be losing earnings. Your loved ones may be losing out too, as they have to take time off work to look after you.

This is the biggest issue that most people face. The worry of being responsible for all of these costs can add stress to your recovery process, meaning it can actually take longer.

How A Slip And Fall Lawyer Fort Lauderdale Can Help

You don’t have to cope with all of these issues on your own though. A lawyer can help you find out whether you could be due compensation, and help you get the amount you need.

Florida Injury LawyersSo, how can a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall law firm help you out? All you have to do is pay them a visit and find out. They’ll listen to your story, and help you work out whether you have a case. They’ll be honest with you, and give you a realistic goal so you know what you’re aiming for.

They’ll then get in touch with the party who’s at fault for your fall. They’ll outline the case for them, and give them the figure that you’ll need to help you while you’re recovering. In most cases, the third party will agree and settle out of court. Once that’s done, you have the money you need and you no longer need to worry.

In some cases, you may need to go to court. This happens if the third party won’t take responsibility, or doesn’t agree on the amount of money you should have. Your lawyer will represent you, and they’ll present your case to the court. If you win, you’ll get the money you need, as well as the amount needed to pay your lawyer and your court fees.

As you can see, a lawyer will be best placed to work out what you should be paid in the event of an accident. They’ll gather all of the evidence, as well as deal with all the communications for you. All you’ll have to worry about is recovering from your injury.