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Legal Radio Show

Charles Morehead Discusses Legal Malpractice

Charles Morehead discusses legal malpractice lawsuits. Lawyers must stay current on the law of personal injury, slip & fall, medical malpractice or whatever field they are working in. Attorneys should always handle cases personally, making sure the statute of limitations is not about to expire and that the necessary evidence is timely collected. Documentation of the automobile accident or aviation crash or whatever the case involves is a must. Finally, lawyers must be accessible and return their client’s phone calls. Careful case selection brings happy clients to victory lane more often than not.

Charles Morehead on Selecting the Right Lawyer

Charles Morehead discusses how to select a lawyer who is right for your case. Whether it’s personal injury, legal malpractice, slip & fall, medical negligence or some other type of case, select a lawyer with the right experience, skill set and work ethic. A Board Certified, AV rated attorney is a good starting point. A firm that has a long track record of success in personal injury, legal malpractice or whatever discipline you need is a must. Finally be sure the lawyer you select is personally handling your case and not sending it away to some other unknown law firm. Experience counts!