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Legal Radio Show

6/10/2016 – Forensic Document Examination and Investigation

Forensic Document Examination is often used in cases of Financial Fraud or other White-Collar Crimes. Board Accredited Forensic Investigator, E’lyn Bryan, specializes in Forensic Document Examination and Handwriting Analysis and shares her “CSI”-like expertise with our Legal Panel, including Florida personal injury attorney Charles Morehead.. Listen NOW:

6/10/2016 – Insurance Dispute Law

Charles A. Morehead, a personal injury attorney with Abramowitz, Pomerantz and Morehead, P.A., discusses insurance dispute law.

Hurricane Season is upon us. Is your insurance in order? Speaking on the many Insurance Disputes South Florida faces, Attorney Bobby Nuñez of Nuñez Law, defends the rights of those fighting with their insurance company to receive the benefits they may or may not be entitled to according to the Law. Listen NOW:

6/3/2016 – Pharmaceutical Negligence

Florida has begun an all-out war to crack down on “Pain Pill Mills” and it’s now having some unexpected side-effects. Some local pharmacies are now refusing to fill prescriptions for certain legal drugs, primarily focused on painkillers, leaving some people without the option of relief. Jason Glusman, of Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, McCoy & Ford, PA, stops by to speak on Pharmaceutical Negligence and the possible liability pharmacies can face. GUEST LEGAL PANEL HOST: Sal A. Richardson

5/27/2016 – The Legal Matchmaker

EMPLOYMENT-IN-LAW: There are reportedly 102,000 attorneys in the State of Florida. 13,000 in Broward County Alone. 11 Law Schools, pumping out 3,000 attorneys a year. Some law students pass the Bar only to find that there are no jobs available. Fortunately, attorneys have a resource. Amy Levin of the Legal Group helps place attorneys in the ideal situation for both attorney and firm to ensure a Legal Match made in Heaven.