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What Happens If I Injured Someone In A Car Accident And The Insurance Company Refused to Settle?

If you injure someone in a car accident and your insurance company refuses to settle a case within your policy limits and a jury ultimately comes back with a verdict in excess of your policy limits, you will be liable for the amount in excess of your policy limits, which means that any assets you own could then be attached by the person who was injured and eventually taken from you as a result of the accident. One thing though, your insurance company has a duty to act in good faith to settle your case if and when they can within policy limits.
If you do advise your insurance company to settle this case, if the other side would have accepted policy limits and the insurance company refuses to do so, they could be held in bad faith at that time. The other other side side will be able to recover in excess of their policy limits, which would cover you for any damages you would have sustained.