Two Killed in Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident
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Two Killed in Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident

fort lauderdale auto accidentIn a horrific Fort Lauderdale auto accident, two men lost their lives. In the early morning hours, a woman was speeding through an intersection and lost control of her vehicle. Her Porsche hopped a curb and plowed through bushes and palm trees, hitting two pedestrians and killing them instantly. Police are investigating as to whether the woman was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Lawyer

When a senseless accident such as this one occurs, the family and friends of the victims are left shocked, confused, and angry. Often times, the victims of auto accidents are young. Their families never dreamed they would have to deal with such tragedy so soon. It can feel overwhelming to have to sort through paperwork, handle finances, and set up funeral and burial arrangements. There is often very little energy left for dealing with unaccommodating insurance companies.

Auto accident injury lawyers can help to take some of this burden off of a grieving family. They can help them through the process of filing an insurance claim or other legal claims. They keep them informed about their options in situations where the other driver is uninsured. They guide them through each step. They work for grieving families to minimize the stress the family may experience during such a painful time.

The attorneys at Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A., are Fort Lauderdale injury lawyers who know what it means to provide legal support to families who have just lost a loved one. They have dealt with large insurance companies whose major concern may not be about helping a grieving family. They have the experience and knowledge to fight for the rights of families of auto accident victims and obtain the recovery they may be legally entitled to.

If you have recently lost a loved one in an auto accident, talk to an attorney who can help make the process a little less of a burden. The attorneys at Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A. are there to answer any questions you might have. They are willing to work with insurance companies on your behalf so you can deal with any family or personal matters which arise during this difficult time.  They want to help put you and your family on the path to healing.