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Two Brothers Killed in Motorcylce Crash on I-95

Receiving a phone call informing you that a loved one has been involved in an automobile accident or a motorcycle accident can be one of the most traumatizing moments in a person’s life. Sadly, according to recent statistics, on average every single day the families of 110 individuals receive this heart-wrenching phone call. Many have seen the need to contact a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney. Their situations often mirrors the situation of two brothers, Kevin and Andrew Jackson of Florida.

According to police reports, the two brothers, who had an affinity for riding their motorcycles, died within minutes of each other while driving down Interstate 95. Their deaths came as the result of a chain reaction that started when a motorist coming in the opposite lane lost control of her vehicle.

The victim’s sister, Katrina, said of her brothers, “Normally, they just go out for rides.” She added that both of them had been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years.

Police are investigating the incident and attempting to determine what caused the 44-year-old driver of the 1997 Honda Accord to lose control of her vehicle and set the chain reaction that led to these brothers dying into motion.

Both men were respected members of their community. Kevin owned his own tile business, and Andrew was a retired Air Force Sergeant. Each man leaves behind two children.

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, situations like those that the Jackson family experienced are being repeated millions of times annually. There are more than 3 million car accidents in the United States annually. Two million of these leave people with permanent injuries. Forty thousand result in fatalities.

Many of the injuries sustained during automobile accidents leave families devastated and confused about what they should do next. Sadly, insurance companies that should be looking out for the best interest of victims look out for their own best interest. When an automobile accident caused by the negligence of someone else results in a fatality, the victim’s family should contact a Fort Lauderdale wrongful death attorney.

These attorneys are very familiar with the tricks that insurance companies try to play to withhold due compensation from the families of victims. They are familiar with the subtleties of motorcycle, automobile, and truck accident litigation. They have helped victims in the past, and they can help you. If you or someone you know has been in a similar situation, contact our firm at and let us put our years of experience helping accident victims to work for you.