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Three Injured In Bounce House Accident

An event company and the city of Fort Lauderdale may face legal action soon after three children were injured in a bounce house accident. Antonio Dent is one of the children who was injured in the bounce house accident. He has an attorney. The attorney has already sent a notice to the two parties involved in the bounce house accident.

The accident occurred when a waterspout lifted the bounce house. The three children were thrown from the bounce house. The accident occurred on Memorial Day on Fort Lauderdale Beach. The bounce house was supplied by All Star Events.

A witness stated that she was on the beach when the accident occurred. She says that she bounce house was lifted into the air, and the children flew out of it and hit the ground. Antonio Dent suffered an arm injury. His attorney also says that he has permanent and severe injuries.

Dent has been treated at the hospital and released. Another child was also treated at the hospital and later released. Six year-old Shamoya Ferguson sustained the most severe injuries. She has also been released from the hospital.

Deanna Greenlaw is a police officer in Fort Lauderdale. She says that the bounce house was supplied by a Memorial Day event sponsored by the city. She says that the bounce house was properly secured. However, Antonio’s attorney sent a notice saying that both the event company and city were negligent. If both parties do not respond to the attorney within 30 days, then they could face legal action.

The aforementioned story is an example of personal injury. Just like the children in the above story, people who are victims of a personal injury are often left with catastrophic injuries. Many personal injuries are due to negligence and could have been prevented.

It is definitely in your best interest to contact a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney if you have suffered a personal injury. You may be entitled to compensation due to your injuries, pain, suffering and lost time at work. Money cannot take away the emotional distress you are experiencing as the result of your injury. However, you will be able to spend less time worrying about money and focus your attention on getting better if you are able to get compensation. That is why it is definitely in your best interest to call a Fort Lauderdale Florida personal injury lawyer.