The PI Attorneys Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim
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The PI Attorneys Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury LawyersWhen you have a tragedy occur that results in injury or death there can be many ramifications that you may not be aware of at the time the accident occurs. Let the personal injury lawyers of Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A. help you navigate the often difficult and confusing steps it takes to get the recompense you deserve when you are or loved one suffers a personal injury due to the negligence of others. At our firm every case is treated with dignity and the individuality it deserves.

You will receive personal attention as if your case was the only case being worked on by your attorney. We have the expertise to file on your behalf and help you through the court systems and legal processes in order to hold those at fault responsible. The PI attorneys process of filing a personal injury claim will include personal attention to the details of your case where you will have access to your attorney. You will never feel as if you have been placed on a back burner when our PI attorneys are working on your case.

Personal Injury Law Firm

Many people do not realize how much they could benefit from having a personal injury law firm on their side when a tragedy occurs. During a tragedy one must be concerned with medical decisions, making arrangements to care for a love one or even planning the funeral of a loved one. People who are experiencing trauma rarely realize that this injury or death will have long term effects on their family that can last for years. When one considers the lost wages, savings, and time with a loved one that is lost or limited due to death or injury, it becomes clear that you need a personal injury law firm that is on your side and will meticulously work your case from start to finish.

Our experts at Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A. know exactly how to calculate everything that a family will be deprived of in both the short and long term, and they have the experience to take your case and help you get everything you deserve when you have been injured or experienced a death that was the result of the negligence of others. Even if you are not sure you have a case, visit our website where you can fill out a confidential online case evaluation form. Our staff will evaluate your information, and a staff member will contact you within twenty-four hours. It’s that easy to get started.

This convenience can’t be underrated when you are going through hard times and just need legal advice as to whether you have a case, and confidentiality begins the moment you submit your form. You can also call us at any one of our convenient Florida locations. We have offices in Broward, Miami and Palm Beach as well as several meeting facilities throughout the area that makes coming to Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A. an easy task to accomplish. Visit our website to see all the types of cases we can handle for you and to read informative blogs about personal injury laws and cases.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury LawyersPersonal injury lawyers are the type of attorneys that you hope you never need, but when the unbelievable happens you may be out of lost wages and retirement savings when you can’t work or a spouse dies. You may have been deprived of your life-long companion in addition to losing the ability to care for your family. No matter the type of accident, we can help. If you think your tragedy could have been avoided or prevented if only the other party had done something different, or if you feel that you or your loved one suffered injury or death through the negligence of a company or individual, do not hesitate to call Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A. where we will treat you with dignity and respect as we take care of your case. We litigate cases that range from car and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall incidents and drowning accidents to dog bits and medical malpractice. Let us help you decide if litigation is the way you should deal with your personal injury case. Call 800-909-5529 or visit our website today!