Some Toys May Pose Hidden Hazards to Children
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Some Toys May Pose Hidden Hazards to Children

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Some of the presents on the shelves this holiday season aredangerous. The Florida Public Interest Research Group has released its 26 th annual Trouble in Toyland report. It highlights several dangerous toys and also tells parents what to watch for.
150 different toys are off the shelves, many because they present a choking hazard.
There are other, not so visible dangers. Lead and other toxic chemicals can be hidden in paints and plastics. Some meet the minimum federal regulatory standards, but consumer advocate Brad Ashwell says that’s not good enough.
“The funny glasses have chemicals that cause reproductive problem. Not so funny, ” says Ashwell.
The danger doesn’t stop there. One in five children will suffer hearing damage by their 12 th birthday. Ashwell says dangerous noise levels are hard to test for, but if it sounds loud to you then it’s probably too loud for your child.

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