Do you need a Slip and Fall Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale? Find out!
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Do you need a Slip and Fall Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale? Find out!

One of the most common misconceptions that people tend to convince themselves of when they are injured is that they have absolutely no case. The truth, however, is that you probably have a bit more of a case than you might realize. Let’s take a case from Mobile Alabama as an example, it’s one that definitely called for the services of a slip and fall law firm in Fort Lauderdale.

A Case for a Slip and Fall Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale

Recently in Mobile, Alabama, a woman slipped on laundry detergent inside a Dollar General store, which you would think would be a common occurrence given the typical upkeep of that particular franchise, but this fall resulted in some serious complications. The woman ended up undergoing eight different surgeries, almost 400 doctor visits, and a whopping $475,000 in medical bills. Additionally, the individual was permanently disabled, meaning she could effectively never work again. That being the case, it only made sense that the jury would find in her favor, and she was awarded $1,725,000.

Naturally the goal in these cases it to make sure that the injured party (you) receives the compensation that they are due, but it is also to help guarantee that the company in question actually cleans up their act and starts working improving the safety measures. Is there a guarantee that they will? Absolutely not, but there is nothing wrong with a lawsuit to help promote the idea. The bottom line here, however, is that the injury was preventable, and Dollar General’s safety guidelines were far out of date. There is really no excuse for this as it resulted in a permanent disability.

Slip and Fall Law Firm

Your Case, Our Attorneys

Perhaps your own case is not going to be quite as dramatic as the one that we have outlined here, but then again, it could be even more dramatic; it’s hard to say. There are many different types of incidents that can occur with some being in the workplace and others being in commercial establishments. No matter what happens, however, you need to ask a few very important questions which we’re going to go over in a moment.

The Questions you Need to Ask

As you rush headfirst into this case you need to ask yourself the following:

  • Who is At Fault? – In any type of accident there is going to be an ‘at fault’ party, meaning a party that caused the incident. When you slipped and fell, was it something that you caused? Was it neglect on the part of the establishment? This will play an important role in determining whether or not you are actually owed anything.
  • What Were the Conditions? – When you entered the area in question, did you sign any sort of agreement stating that you knew the risks? If so then you might not have a case, but it is definitely something for your attorney to look over.

Slip and fall lawyers in Fort LauderdaleThese two questions are very important and you can be rest assured that there will be more. That being said, now would be a great time for you to take a look at the services we have to offer you and make absolutely certain that you are ready to face down what could be a very difficult court battle. Sometimes the defending party will want to settle outside of course, but other times, if they feel that they have a case, they will want to push it as far as they can, perhaps even to a full jury trial.

Slip and fall lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can help you out considerably by making sure you’re able to navigate the legal landscape and ultimately get the outcome you actually want – don’t go it alone, get an experienced attorney and come out of this with the compensation that you need and deserve. It can be a long process, but the only way to get it started, is to call us.