School Principal Killed in Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Crash
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School Principal Killed in Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Crash

A 48-year-old elementary school principal died two days after being involved in a motorcycle crash on a rural road inside the Big Cypress National Preserve in Collier County. The victim was the single mother of three boys ages 18, 15 and 12. She was the passenger on a motorcycle driven by her boyfriend from Hollywood who survived the crash. A spokesperson from the Florida Highway Patrol stated that the man lost control of the motorcycle on a curve. Neither the driver nor the passenger was wearing a helmet.

Motorcyclists have little or no protection
Even when they’re helmeted and involved in a single motorcycle crash, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries or death. There’s no stainless steel surrounding them, and they have no seat belts or air bags to protect them. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that helmets are about 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle accident fatalities and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries.

Florida motorcycle statistics
The Florida State Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles most recent motorcycle and death statistics are from 2014. They tell us that in 2014, there were:

  • There were 9,854 reported motorcycle crashes
  • There were 427 fatalities
  • In those crashes, 8,040 people were injured
  • There were 809 motorcycle passengers that were injured in accidents
  • Of those passengers that year, 22 were killed

Wrongful death in Florida
Florida’s Wrongful Death Act allows the estate of a deceased person to bring a lawsuit when the negligence of one person or entity results in the death of that deceased person. The general rule in Florida is that the wrongful death action must be brought within four years of the date of death. There are only limited exception to this rule. Because witnesses and evidence can disappear, you should consult with one of our Fort Lauderdale wrongful death lawyers as soon as possible after the death of a family member so that the estate’s lawsuit against the person or entity that caused your family member’s death can be filed right away.

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