PI Law Firm Basics: What is a Deposition and When Do You Have to Give It?
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PI Law Firm Basics: What is a Deposition and When Do You Have to Give It?

personal injury attorneys Fort LauderdaleAt Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, we are passionate about the type of law that we have chosen to specialize in and the type of help that we are able to provide our clients who are in need of the right representation for their injuries. We are also passionate about educating past, present, and future clients about certain aspects of the legal process of personal injury lawsuits, so that they may be informed during the entire process.

Personal injury, product liability, medical liability, and legal malpractice are all serious issues that affect our clients for the rest of their lives. We want to ensure that they have all of the facts and also can be prepared next time that a personal injury case occurs in their workplace. As personal injury attorneys, we understand that knowledge is the defining line between winning or losing a case.

One of the important things that we like to educate our clients on are depositions and when we have to give them. Depositions are an important part of the personal injury claims process, as they provide critical information that can be verified in the future. Read more about the importance of depositions and how they are used for personal injury cases.

What is a Deposition?

A deposition is a series of questions and answers asked to witnesses that is meant to discover critical information about the accident that will pertain to the lawsuit later on. It is held in an attorney’s office, rather than a courtroom; the deposition is recorded word for word via a court reporter so that the information is on the record for continuity. A deposition may take anywhere from a few hours to a week to gain all of the relevant information. Some witnesses may be able to provide more information than others, so therefore their deposition will take less time. Witnesses of the accident are essentially one of the only ways to verify that it happened, but human nature often takes over when people are under stress and they start to forget information. A deposition prevents this from happening, and the word-for-word recordation of the answers will help fill in any information that becomes forgotten later on. While depositions are very thorough, they tend to be more broad to get the big picture, while the questioning in court ends up being more specific and directed.

When is a Deposition Given?

A deposition is given when factual information is required to verify the case, rather than simply a legal based personal injury case. One of the most useful parts of a deposition is to verify known or unknown information. Contrary to popular television shows which often portray the attorneys being surprised with shocking information or a new witness, this is typically avoided in real life. Unknown information throws off the flow and validity of the case for all parties, so a deposition is given to prevent this. In terms of personal injury cases, it is essential to know all of the details to be able to prove that a personal injury suit is warranted.

Who Attends Depositions?

Florida Injury LawyersThe witness is also called a deponent. A deponent may attend alone or bring their own attorney to represent and advise them. They are sworn in under oath, so answering questions as truthfully as possible is important. Because of this, having an attorney present for a deposition is most advisable. As a witness, your job is to recall the facts as accurately as possible, rather than getting emotionally or legally involved beyond being a bystander.

The questioning attorneys will have questions prepared and are generally looking to verify or discover information that can be later used in trial. Some of the witness’ statements may be questioned if they do not make sense or seem falsified, but in general that type of specific questioning is saved for later in court.

Our Commitment to You as PI Attorneys

Our PI Law Firm has specialized in personal injury for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience between all five highly capable lawyers in the office. We have worked hard to create a team that is able to encompass all areas of personal injury and to become subject matter experts in the field.

One of the reasons why we are so passionate about this area of law is because it is strictly about helping clients seek justice for their wrongful injuries. For us, it is not simply just a job or a career, but a profession to serve the people of Fort Lauderdale, FL and the surrounding areas.