The Right Personal Injury Lawyers for Commercial Truck Collisions
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You Need the Right Personal Injury Attorneys for Commercial Truck Collisions

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorneys

When driving on the road it does not matter how cautious of a driver you are; often times the real danger is not you, but other drivers on the road. And when those other drivers are operating a commercial truck that is when things can really get scary. It does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive, it is no match against a commercial truck during a collision.

Even though commercial truck drivers are specially licensed to operate these massive vehicles, they often drive on the road in such a way that other drivers in smaller vehicles are expected to accommodate their massive size. After slipping over the line or lightly drifting in to the other lane, it is other drivers who are expected to veer or swerve quickly out of the way. Unfortunately, there are times when veering or swerving out of the way can result in a major, life threatening accident. This is the type of accident that could have been avoided had the driver of the commercial truck been driving in a manner that was courteous and respectful of other vehicles and their drivers.

What is a Personal Injury Attorney?

Ft. Lauderdale personal injury lawyer firmA personal injury lawyer is a type of lawyer who is committed to serving victims and their loved ones after an accident. At the personal injury law firm of Ft. Lauderdale we know just how messy life can get after a collision of any type, especially a commercial truck collision. Often in these types of collisions damage to body and vehicle are catastrophic and life altering. Just because a victim might be insured does not mean that they do not need a personal injury lawyer. Adjusters and insurance companies are well versed in ways to avoid, delay, or deny completely any type of claim.

Insurance companies serve to protect their own interests. If they do accept a claim, they may try to minimize the damage and harm actually caused. Attempting to negotiate with the insurance company alone can leave victims and their families lost or without proper or appropriate resolution. Some have been fortunate enough to have never been in a situation where a personal injury lawyer is necessary; but for those who have and are unsure about how a personal injury lawyer can help, we are going to shine some light on the benefits of a PI lawyer. Remember, there is no harm or obligation to pursue a case after a PI lawyer has been contacted.

What a personal injury attorney can do for you

The Ft. Lauderdale personal injury lawyer firm will organize an independent investigation to ensure all aspects and evidence of the case has been properly reviewed. Insurance companies are in business for only themselves. A personal injury attorney is well versed and knowledgeable in navigating and understanding the legal jargon and procedures after a commercial trucking accident. A personal injury attorney is the only person on your side after a commercial trucking accident occurs. A personal injury attorney also knows that the road to recovery is long and hard.

Personal Injury AttorneysThis is why the personal injury law firm of Ft. Lauderdale is committed to exploring, reviewing, and uncovering every possible outlet or tool necessary; because a full mental, emotional, and physical recovery is your right. Even though an accident can happen in the blink of an eye, there are some cases in which an accident could have been prevented entirely. A good personal injury attorney will also explore all angles of a case and determine if an accident was foreseeable and thus preventable. Manufacturing defects, design defects, and manufacturer failure to warn the public about malfunctioning or defective products are all things a personal injury attorney can use to prove that an accident should have been prevented.

With all motor vehicle accidents, including commercial truck collisions, there is a statute of limitations in which a victim can file and pursue a claim against another. Whether a victim chooses to file a claim immediately following an accident or not, a personal injury attorney can be of use now or in the future. By contacting and establishing a relationship with a personal injury lawyer immediately following an accident, a victim and the victim’s family will have assistance in assessing what the next steps are.

A personal injury lawyer can also bring to light what rights a victim has after a collision occurs. If a victim chooses to delay filing a claim, a personal injury lawyer can maintain a running case file so that all the evidence and notes are easily accessible and in one place. The personal injury law firm of Ft. Lauderdale has a long history of bringing justice to victims and the families of the victims of commercial trucking collisions.