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Fort Lauderdale Air Disaster

Passengers Injured When Plane Catches Fire At Fort Lauderdale Airport

Passengers had to make an emergency exit after their plane caught on fire on Thursday, October 29, 2015. They escaped via emergency chutes. An engine had burst into flames during flight 405 on Dynamic International Airlines at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Twenty-one passengers suffered minor injuries. Everyone managed to escape the airplane without getting burned.

Daniela and David Magro were two of the passengers on the plane. They were taking a flight to Venezuela. Daniella stated that she was reading his iPad when he noticed flames. She stated that she started to panic when she noticed the flames. She even started pushing people. However, her brother helped her calm down.

David stated that some people were not calm, and he was one of the last people to escape the plane. David and Magro left all of their belongings on the plane, including their cell phones. A 62 year-old man was one of the people who got injured. He hit his head while trying to escape the plan.

A four year-old boy was also taken to the hospital. Most of the people who were injured suffered sprains, strains and stress-related injuries. Some people were stressed from the experience.

Rescue workers worked quickly to put the fire out. Passengers who did not have any injuries were taken to the family assistance center. Flights were suspended at 1:45 p.m. The runaway reopened at 7:45 p.m. Dynamic International Airlines released a statement saying that the safety of their passengers is their top priority.

Esther Summer was one of the people waiting in the terminal when the plane caught on fire. She stated that she was surprised to see how quickly the workers put out the flames. The incident is currently being investigated.

Air travel is safer than traveling by car. However, disasters do happen. Everybody in the aforementioned in the story managed to escape the plane, but some people are seriously injured. Deaths often occur as the result of air disasters.

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