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One Fatality and Three Injuries After Driver Falls Asleep at the Wheel

A driver who fell asleep at the wheel caused at least one death and three individuals to be injured on Monday, February 4th in Coral Springs. The accident occurred early in the morning, with the officer responding to the scene at 4:30 a.m. The officer who responded to the scene was Sergent Carla Kmiotec of the Coral Springs police, who provided a police report that detailed the unfortunate situation.

Kmiotec reported that a pickup truck, specifically a 2008 Chevrolet Sierra, had veered off the highway and headed straight into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, the vehicle happened to hit a tree on its journey across the median, which ensured that no drivers outside the pickup were injured. However, the vehicle still caused 31 year old Jose Roman-Arriago, a Fort Lauderdale resident, and 30 year old Adrian Suarez-Ayala to be severely injured from the crash.The greatest tragedy from this accident comes not from the driver himself, but from one of the passengers who was fatally wounded when the vehicle struck the tree. Martin Valazquez was 52 years old last Monday when he died in the passenger seat during the accident. His unfortunate death will resonate throughout the community as friends, neighbors, and local residents come to pay their respects to the man who died.

Officer Kmiotec also found striking evidence that the accident may have been caused by alcohol that was in the blood of Jose Rico-Arriago, who was the driver. Rico-Arriago is 26 years old and is a resident of Fort Worth.

Rico-Arriago’s actions on Monday caused irreparable harm to at least three other individuals who will suffer from his wrongdoing for years to come. Unfortunately, this accident could have been prevented had alcohol not been consumed and had the driver admitted that he was not in a condition to drive his friends home. Even if alcohol was not the primary factor, Rico-Arriago should have told his friends that it was too late for him to drive and that they would have to find somewhere to stay. Unfortunately, he failed in his duty to passengers and will likely pay for his actions in the court of law.

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