One Dead And Seven Hospitalized In Two-Way Car Crash In Miami
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One Dead And Seven Hospitalized In Two-Way Car Crash In Miami

One person is dead, and seven people are injured after a horrific car crash in Miami. 7Skyforce arrived on the scene on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 12:45 p.m. There was a vehicle driving east on Northwest Seventh Street. There was another vehicle attempting to make a left on Northwest Seventh Street. That was when the accident occurred.

Miami fire rescue arrived on the scene shortly after the accident occurred. They transported eight people to the hospital. Sinai Rodriguez is a student who happened to witness the accident. Sinai stated that her first instinct was to go help when she witnessed the accident.

An elderly couple were among the people who were injured in the accident. The man died at the hospital. Jose Sanchez was another one of the people who witnessed the accident. He stated that the accident was breathtaking because it could be your family members or friends involved in the accident.

There were also six teenagers involved in the accident. They were between the ages of 17 and 19. The students had recently completed a day of school at Green Springs High School.

Students ran to help their fellow classmates and other people who were involved in the accident. Alex Rodriguez helped people who were involved in the accident. He stated that he helped get the old lady out of the car. Sinai stated that they did what they had to do to help the people in the accident.

Miry and Jorge Rodriguez are Alex’s parents. They stated that they are proud of their son for helping the people in the accident. They also stated that Alex and his friends jumped into help without any hesitation.

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