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Miami Women Killed in Car Crash Outside Her Home

Car crashes are so common that almost no one is safe from them. Automobile accidents are becoming more common in unsuspecting areas such as parking lots and personal driveways. In fact, a Miami woman was recently killed in her own driveway as she was leaving to run errands. The other vehicle plummeted into her vehicle at high speeds, which caused it to roll over. The car hit a tree after it rolled over, and the driver was pronounced dead when she arrived at the hospital for treatment. Many other accidents like this occur, and they all may involve neglect and personal injury.Auto Accidents and Neglect

Neglect occurs when a person or organization fails to protect another person’s safety or rights. In the case of the above-mentioned automobile accident, the driver of the other car could be charged with neglect or personal injury. Even though the other driver lost her life, her family is still eligible for compensation. A Miami Auto Accident Attorney can help the surviving family members to pick up the pieces of their lives and recover. Although there is no monetary amount that can take the place of a loved one’s life, a personal injury settlement can help the survivors transition through the rough patch.A Miami auto accident attorney can persuade a judge to order the offending party to pay compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are funds that cover medical bills, funeral costs, auto repairs, and household bills. A judge is likely to order punitive damages in a severely neglectful automobile case. A judge awards punitive damages to people who have been more neglectful than in a usual case. A drunk driver would most likely be subject to punitive damages. A person who speeds down a residential street and hits someone would also be subject to the additional damages.APC consists of a group of top-notch attorneys who fight for a victim’s rights. The firm specializes in personal injury related cases such as automobile accidents, slips and falls, product injury cases, medical malpractice cases and more. Anyone who has been subject to auto accident injuries can call the firm to schedule a consultation. A trustworthy attorney can discuss contingency representation and the likelihood of a positive ruling. Contingency representation delays retainer fees until the client wins his or her settlement. APC has enough faith in its practice to offer that. If you have been injured in an auto accident or lost a loved one, feel free to call 800-909-5529.