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Five Dead, Eight Injured in Miami Dade Crash
Millions of automobile accidents happen every year, and millions of people are injured in the accidents. Automobile accidents are on the rise in the Miami-Dade area. Thirteen people were either killed or seriously injured in a slew of recent car crashes. These crashes, like many other crashes, may have been caused by driver negligence. Negligence is an action that deprives another party from safe vehicle operation. Some examples of negligent driving are drunk driving, distracted driving and reckless driving. All cases of driver negligence are susceptible to a wide variety of punishments. A personal injury suit is one of the repercussions of an automobile accident. If you have lost a loved one or you have been injured in a car accident, then you may be eligible for compensation. A Miami injury lawyer can ensure that you get it.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is a broad topic that legal representatives use to describe negligence-related injuries. A personal injury can be physical, psychological or financial. If your loved one was killed in an automobile accident, then you may qualify for wrongful death or pain and suffering compensation. If the accident caused you to suffer from depression and anxiety, a Miami Injury Attorney may win you the funds to pay for your therapy.

Florida Injury Lawyers Care

Florida injury lawyers are available to listen to your story. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss the incident in its entirety. If the prospective attorney finds that another driver has wronged you, he or she may offer to open a case. The attorney may start the process by attempting to negotiate with the other driver. If the driver denies responsibility for the accident, then the attorney will file a formal charge. The judge will listen to the testimony of both parties, and he or she will make the appropriate decision. A high percentage of personal injury cases end in the injured party’s favor.

Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead

Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead is a firm that has been in the personal injury field of law for more than 25 years. Its specialty is helping victims recover the funds they need to improve their lives after an accident. If you think you may be a victim of negligence, do not hesitate the contact this firm. You can call the dedicated phone number or complete an online form. A Miami injury lawyer will contact you within 24 hours.