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Man Killed in Boat Accident in Ft. Lauderdale

A recent boating accident in Key Biscayne involved a young athlete and a local DJ. Ernesto Hernandez, a 23-year-old bodyguard, lost his life while he was trying to help DJ Lazaro Mendez, who goes by the name of DJ Laz. DJ Laz was traveling on a 40-foot boat and performing at a party at the Nixon Sandbar. At some point, the boat’s engines stopped moving, and the boat got stuck on a sand bar. Hernandez was not one of the original group members, but she saw what was going on and tried to assist with freeing the boat. The boat’s propellers eventually started moving and struck Hernandez in the torso. He was trying to push the boat out of the sand bar when such occurred.
Rescue personnel found Hernandez in Key Biscayne at a place called No Name Harbor where they quickly tended to him and placed him in an airplane to receive medical assistance. He was taken to Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away at Memorial hospital. DJ Laz has expressed his appreciation and condolences to Hernandez’s family members. He promised that he would cooperate with the authorities in every way possible to find out how this tragic incident occurred.
The case is still under investigation according to police. No one has any charges pending against him or her. However, criminal neglect may be a factor if they find that Mendez or Hernandez was intoxicated. Hernandez’s family may also be eligible for compensation under the personal injury laws. Personal injury is an instance in which one person receives an injury because of another person’s neglect. A wrongful death such as the death of Mr. Hernandez could warrant a personal injury case. The police currently do not have enough information to file criminal neglect charges, but the family members still have time to contact an attorney to find out about their rights.
A reliable Miami boat accident lawyer can help the Hernandez family to try to get their lives back together after such a tragic event. APC Florida Injury Lawyers are specialists in personal injury cases. They can see to it that the family of a person who dies in a boating accident obtains the funds to pay for funeral expenses, therapy and material recoveries. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a boat injury, do not hesitate to call APC at 305-949-7100. APC is the most reliable and helpful Ft. Lauderdale boat accident lawyer firm in the area.