Let Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale Deal with Workplace Injuries
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Let Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale Deal with Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries happen anytime without warning, potentially leaving you unable to do your job or get paid. If the injury is severe enough, or serious complications arise, you could be permanently unable to work again. For most people, not collecting a paycheck for even a short period of time is devastating. If you were injured in a workplace accident, the slip and fall attorneys in Fort Lauderdale at Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A. have the experience to offer you the legal services you need. We scrutinize the evidence in your case and fight to get you money for lost wages, medical bills and any permanent disability you incur due to the accident.

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

Why you need Slip and Fall Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale Work Injury Cases

When you are injured in a workplace accident, you barely have time to rest after returning from the hospital when insurance companies, doctors and attorneys begin bombarding you with paperwork and requests. The whole experience can be overwhelming and confusing, and you never seem to get any of the most important information from anyone. Rather than deal with all of this yourself, slip and fall lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have the know-how to handle all the red tape in a work injury case. Here are 10 reasons to consider hiring a work injury attorney for your case.

  • Claim assessment – Slip and fall attorneys in Fort Lauderdale have experience in workplace injury cases. They assess the circumstances surrounding your accident and can offer advice as to whether you should proceed with your case or not. If your attorney feels you don’t have a case, it could save you a ton of time and money.
  • No fees unless you win – Many a slip and fall law firm in Fort Lauderdale work on a contingency basis. This means you don’t pay any attorney’s fees unless you win your case. Keep in mind however, that you are still responsible for other expenses incurred during the preparation for your case such as the fees doctors charge for interviews and case reviews.
  • Red tape – Work injury cases are complicated, requiring a lot of hard-to-understand paperwork full of legal and medical jargon. Hiring an attorney to help you wade through the sea of red tape helps you get back to your normal life much quicker.
  • Investigation – Not everyone involved in your case will be forthcoming with information, nor will everyone agree on the facts in the case. Most slip and fall lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have their own investigative teams capable of digging up accurate information. Providing the investigators with as much information as possible about your accidents helps them do their job.
  • Objectivity – When you’re injured at work, pain, frustration, anger and a host of other emotions rise to the surface, clouding your better judgment. An attorney looks at your case objectively to help you make decisions in your best interest. For example, you might be tempted to take the first payout offer given, but your attorney might advise you to hold out for a more appropriate payout.
  • The other side – Experienced Fort Lauderdale work injury lawyers know how to interact with the other side’s attorneys. This is especially beneficial when it is time to exchange documents and facts between the two parties.
  • Insurance companies – Slip and fall attorneys in Fort Lauderdale know how insurance companies work and have the experience to deal with their tactics. They know insurance companies don’t like to pay, so they fight to get you a satisfactory settlement.
  • Settling a case – Most workplace injury cases rarely go to trial. Instead, they are usually settled out of court by a mutually agreed upon payout. A personal injury attorney negotiates on your behalf for the best possible settlement amount to put an end to the case as quickly as possible.
  • Court – If your case does go to court, an attorney represents you to get a positive verdict in your favor. They develop a strategy that proves your case so you get the money you rightfully deserve.

Free Consultation with APM: your Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Fort LauderdaleAs you can see, hiring an attorney after a workplace accident is a good idea. Hiring one as soon as possible after the accident is crucial to getting the biggest payout possible for your injuries. If you were injured on the job, call Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A., your slip and fall attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, to take charge of your case.

We are prepared to investigate your claim and fight for the compensation you need to pay medical bills, recoup lost wages and make life a little easier should your injury be permanent. Call us today at  1-800-909-5529 to discuss your case.