Keyless Ignition: Accident Waiting To Happen?
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Keyless Ignition: Convenience Or Accident Waiting To Happen?

Henrietta, N.Y. – It’s as simple as a push of a button.

“The thing that I really like about it is that you don’t have to worry about the key,” said car shopper Robert Caruso.

“I think they’re great, trying to fumble around with the keys and all that and you come up to a car where you don’t have to worry about that, especially on a cold day,” car shopper Jay Coughlin said.

Keyless ignitions have gained popularity over the past 12 years, with almost every model car offering the convenience.

That convenience is being blamed for several carbon monoxide deaths; vehicles left running in the garage when owners thought they were turned off.

“Price for forgetfulness in today’s stressful modern society shouldn’t be death by CO poisoning,” said Clarence Ditlow, Executive Director for the Center for Auto Safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants manufacturers to standardize all push button starters to avoid confusion.

Automakers say there are safety measures in place to alert drivers when the car is still on.

“Just like if you were to leave the car in drive and then park it, the car will beep and alert you the vehicle is not actually turned off,” said Dorschel Automotive’s Chief Operation Officer Will Trafton.

Drivers like Robert Caruso admit keyless ignitions can take some time to get used to and people can forget to turn them off, but, Caruso says, it’s impossible to leave it running.

“When you get out of the car, if you haven’t turned it off, it tells you. It starts beeping on the back of the dash board, pretty loud so you can’t leave it running,” Caruso said.

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