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Fort Lauderdale Motorcyclist Killed In Wrong Way Crash

Norman Mello, who is a 42 year-old motorcyclist from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, died on July 19, 2014 after he was involved in a wrong way crash. A driver was driving the wrong way on I-95 and crashed head-on into his motorcycle. Mello was traveling to South Beach to meet fellow motorcyclists.Before he was killed, he had been riding behind a Dodge Ram. The driver of the Ram managed to avoid the head-on collision. Even though Mello had been wearing a helmet, he was pronounced dead at the scene.The person who struck Mello was a 20 year-old driver named Varissa Vargas. She was driving an Acura TL. She was seriously injured in the car accident. Her current condition is not available at the moment.

Scott is Norman’s brother. He stated that Norman did not have a fighting chance in the accident and was killed instantly. He also stated that motorcycling was second nature to Norman. Additionally, Scott stated that the only good thing that came out of the accident was that Norman did not have to suffer.

There have been similar accidents that have occurred in the past, and this has prompted lawmakers to install flashing signs that let drivers know that they are going the wrong way. Friends and family members also want spikes and other physical barriers installed in order to keep motorists going the right way.

Norman worked as an operating life for Lauderdale Marine Center. He had also worked with youth had substance abuse problems. Norman has had substance abuse problems in the past, but he has been clean for the past 12 years.

David Mercado, who was a friend to Norman, stated that he loved motorcycles and he loved being in the open air. Mercado and Norman’s other friends held a motorcycle memorial in honor of Normal. It was held at the Towers Shop on Friday, July 25, 2014.

People are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a motorcycle accident than a car accident. In many cases, motorcycle riders are injured because of another driver. You should contact a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney if you have been injured. A Ft Lauderdale Motorcycle Injury Lawyer can help you get compensated for your medical bills, pain and suffering.