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South Florida Considered One of the Deadliest Areas for Pedestrians


According to a report issued on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, South Florida is one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the country. It was ranked as the fourth riskiest area for pedestrians, who are more likely to be struck by a motor vehicle by at around triple the average in anywhere else in the country.Around the rest of Florida, things are even worse if you are a pedestrian. According to the report, the three cities in the United States that have worse numbers are the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach region, Jacksonville, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Orlando.Officials in the state simply couldn’t argue with the statistics regarding the lack of safety for pedestrians. Billy Hattaway of the Florida Department of Transportation stated that the report contained some very valid points and that there are some very real problems for people on foot on the streets in Florida. He went on to say that his organization was attempting to make the streets safer for Florida pedestrians.

The report is entitled “Dangerous by Design 2014” and was issued by two activist groups, Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition. In general, the report is alarming if you are a pedestrian in the United States.

From 2003 to 2012, over 47,000 pedestrians were killed as a result of traffic accidents. The report points out that this is 16 times greater than the number of Americans who died due to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes during that same time frame.

Calculating the likelihood of a pedestrian being killed by a vehicle passing by requires the use of a Pedestrian Danger Index. The device uses data on traffic fatalities and the number of people who walk to work. As a result of this method of calculating the statistics, South Florida was placed near the bottom of the cities that were mentioned in the report.

The average for the Pedestrian Danger Index in the United States is 52.2, but South Florida scores a 145.33. There are only two areas of the country that rank lower than South Florida within the past decade, but these are the much larger metropolitan areas of New York and Los Angeles.

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