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Good Samaritan Catches DUI Hit and Run Driver

Driving under the influence and hit-and-run collisions often end in tragedy and with the perpetrator getting away, but a witness to such an accident in Florida recently made sure the hit-and-run driver would be held responsible for her crimes. Thomas Stanley, a 47-year-old Florida man, is being hailed as a Good Samaritan for chasing down a drunk driver who fled the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident in Fort Lauderdale.According to Stanley, he was driving behind the motorcycle of Benjamin Pirofsky on North Federal Highway when he saw an SUV turn directly in front of the 30-year-old’s motorcycle, causing a fatal collision. Stanley said that despite the impact, the driver of the SUV drove away from the scene of the accident where Pirofsky would be pronounced dead. Shocked at witnessing not only the violent collision but the SUV’s departure, Stanley took matters into his own hands and reportedly drove across three lanes of traffic in order to follow the SUV, allegedly driven by 42-year-old Nadia Verdon.

Stanley said he followed Verdon’s SUV for several blocks before she stopped. When she did so, Verdon allegedly denied involvement in the accident and refused to return to the scene of the fatal collision. Stanley then took a picture of her license plate and returned to the accident scene and spoke with police officers who brought Stanley to the station for questioning.

After hearing Stanley’s story, the officers took Stanley to Verdon’s house, where the SUV was found. Investigators smelled alcohol on Verdon’s breath and was arrested the following morning on charges of tampering with evidence, leaving the scene involving death, and DUI manslaughter. In addition to criminal charges, relatives may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver with the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney.

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