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Fort Lauderdale Man Killed In Hit And Run Accident

Scott Roman was recently arrested due to a connection with a fatal hit and run accident. He is being charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death. He is also being charged with tampering of evidence. Joseph Deverson, who was 22, was struck by a car on May 11, 2015. He was taken to the Broward Health Medical Center where he died a week later.

Detectives have stated that Deverson was struck by a car while he was riding a Go-Ped. They believe that Roman was the driver, and he never stopped. However, officers have stated that Roman may not have seen Deverson. They stated that if Roman would have stayed at the scene, then he probably would not be facing charges.

Officers have stated that a white BMW was involved in the accident. They found the same BMW at The Palms, which is a condominium, is located in Fort Lauderdale. Deputies stated that Roman had already made arrangements to get his vehicle repaired.

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