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DUI Suspect Crashed Maserati into Two Vehicles

In Coral Springs, Florida, a man has been charged with a DUI after crashing his Maserati sedan into a utility pole and two other vehicles, according to reports. Police say when they arrived, the force from the crash had caused the utility pole to lean, but it had not fallen.

A relative tried to prevent the man from leaving his home right before he crashed into a driveway, according to police reports. In an accident case like this, a Fort Lauderdale accident attorney may contact witnesses such as the relative on behalf of injured victims, to gather evidence about the driver’s condition.

At the hospital, the man reported he had consumed two beers and a shot of vodka approximately 10 minutes prior to the accident. The man was bleeding from a cut to his head but refused medical treatment. He also refused to provide a blood sample. He believed he had hit a mailbox but did not recall hitting the cars. He then apologized for his actions and asked if he could kiss the interviewing officer’s feet. Police say no mailbox was struck at the scene of the accident. A Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney may be able to argue that victims injured in crashes such as this should be awarded punitive damages due to the egregious conduct of the drunk driver.

In court, Judge “Jay” Hurley ordered a $90,000 bond and also ordered the man not to drink or drive. According to court records, the man was already scheduled to be in court for an open misdemeanor DUI case also involving property damage. His lawyer on that case could not be reached for comment.

Cases of this nature frequently cause serious injuries or death, in addition to property damage. While it may be easy to calculate the value of property damage, putting a price on health is not so easy. After this type of accident, victims may face costly medical bills and months of rehabilitation. Some victims may lose time from work and be unable to enjoy the quality of life they had before the accident. This can affect a victim’s spouse and children. An experienced Fort Lauderdale Florida auto accident lawyer can help injured victims fight for all the compensation they deserve after this type of car accident.

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