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Fort Lauderdale Driver Injured After Garbage Truck Crashes into Duplex

A driver was hospitalized after a garbage truck crashed into a duplex, injuring a young woman who was sleeping just feet away inside of the property. The crash occurred at 4 p.m. in unincorporated Broward of Fort Lauderdale, Florida when the vehicle lost control. The Waste Pro garbage truck was traveling north on in the 1400 block of Southwest 40th Terrace before crashing into a ficus tree and wooden fence when it hit a concrete wall on the duplex and left a gaping hole.

Both the driver and the 18-year-old woman, Ruth Septimus, were transported to a local hospital, but only suffered from minor injuries. Witnesses report finding the driver in the vehicle at the time of the crash looking stunned and confused. He attempted to immediately turn off the vehicle after hitting the building.

BSO spokesperson Mike Jachles said, “Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue’s Technical Rescue team is looking to see how extensive the structural damage is, so at least that one unit on the east side of the building is uninhabitable.”

The weight of the track caused extensive damage to both the wall of the duplex and the roof of the house. The home was determined to be unsafe to live in until the necessary repairs would be made. Due to the size and weight of the vehicle, it took several hours to remove and tow it off of the property. It is presumed that the garbage truck was attempting to pick up a trash can at the duplex before it lost control. Officials investigated the scene after the garbage truck was removed and the tree was taken out of the road during the clean-up.

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