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Fort Lauderdale Teens’ Fingers Blown Off In Fire Works Accident

What began as a typical round of teenagers daring each other to do questionable things turned tragic for a 15-year-old Lauderhill boy two days after the Fourth of July.

According to witnesses at the scene, when Ryan Lue-Young lost a round of the game rock-paper-scissors, his friends dared him to light a firework known as an “onion.” Onions are notorious for being unpredictable and highly flammable (YouTube is full of videos involving this dangerous firework.) As a crowd of onlookers watched, Lue-young lit the short-fused firework despite some people urging him not to do so. As soon as the match made contact with the fuse, the firework blew up in the victim’s hand – severing all of the fingers on that hand. He later underwent surgery to have the fingers reattached.

Hand and finger injuries are the most common fireworks-related injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In 2013, hospital emergency rooms in the United States treated nearly 11,500 people for injuries sustained by fireworks. Most victims were below the age of 20 and most incidents (65%) occurred in the weeks before and after the Fourth of July.

Unfortunately, faulty fireworks are just one reason why so many people find themselves needing a Fort Lauderdale Defective Product Lawyer. In addition to consumer products like fireworks, automobiles, medical products, and drugs also have a long history of being defective and harming or killing people. Our law firm specializes in personal injury and product liability. Victims of defective products should not have to shoulder the financial burden of their injuries alone. A Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer can help victims get the financial settlements they deserve after being injured as a result of someone’s negligence. The prospect of suing a large company may seem daunting. A Fort Lauderdale Defective Product Lawyer will take the reigns and guide you through.

If you or someone you know was injured as a result of a faulty firework or a faulty product of any kind, you may be entitled to compensation. A Fort Lauderdale Defective Product Lawyer can help you secure a financial settlement that will help you with medical bills and provide relief from pain and suffering. The attorneys at the law office of Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A. have more than 90 years of combined Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer experience. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation at 954-572-7200 or visit /practice-areas/defective-products/.