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Fort Lauderdale Crash Involving Bear Leaves Three Dead

Eight people were injured and three were killed after a car collided with a black bear. There were 13 people and three cars involved in the accident. The accident occurred north of Interstate 75. The woman who hit the bear was not hurt in the accident. Three other people got out of their cars to help the woman and were hit and killed. The identities of the people who were killed in the crash have not been revealed yet.

Four of the people who were injured were airlifted to Broward Health Medical Center, which is located in Fort Lauderdale. Two of the people involved in the accident did not suffer any injuries. The bear was instantly killed when it was hit by the car.

Gary Bitner is a spokesperson for the Seminole Police Department. He stated that there are many bears in the Everglades, but that was the first accident he witnessed that involved a bear. There are approximately 3,000 black bears in Florida.

In 2011, there was another accident in Florida that involved a bear. The bear was hit by a car and crashed into the window. The two people in the car were killed. The bear also died in the accident. Last year in Florida, a woman was chased by a bear. Fortunately, she was saved when a neighbor came and helped her.

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