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Fort Lauderdale Man Killed In Crash On I-95

One person was killed, and another one was seriously injured in an accident that occurred in Fort Lauderdale back in June 2014. Two vehicles collided with each other in the southbound lanes on I-95. Marion Jermain Kelly, who was 32, was killed in the accident. He was driving a 2001 Lincoln Town Car. He was hit by a 2009 Mercedes Benz.

Pierre Ferry Cenatus was the driver of the Mercedes Benz. He was 23 years-old. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after the accident occurred. Kelly was pronounced dead at the scene. Cenatus was taken to the Delray Medical Center. He suffered serious injuries.

Three of the southbound lanes on I-95 were closed after the accident. The entrance ramp on I-95 was closed also. The accident occurred around 5:41 A.M. The roadway was re-opened at 10:45 A.M.

Police have stated that Kelly was not wearing a seat belt during the accident. Cenatus was wearing a seat belt. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined. It is still being investigated.

Most people will be involved in at least one car accident in their lifetime. Many people who are involved in an accident manage to walk away without any injuries. However, some car accidents end tragically. The aforementioned story is an example of how car accidents end tragically. People often lose their lives in accidents and leave their loved ones grieving.

It is estimated that 110 people are killed every day in a car accident in the United States. Car accidents can occur even if all of the drivers involved are extremely cautious. However, many car accidents are caused by negligence. For example, many drivers talk on the phone while they are driving. Cell phones are a distraction, and any type of distraction can lead to a car accident.

Drunk driving is another very common cause of car accidents. People are unable to focus and often lose control of the vehicle because they have been drinking. Defective vehicles, speeding and aggressive driving are examples of some of the other things that can lead to a car accident.

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