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Two Fort Lauderdale Teens Hurt in Boat Crash

A recent accident by the Intracoastal Waterway involved two teenage girls who were injured after riding in an inner tube along the canal. Three teenage girls were riding in the inner tube, when a boat carrying five teenage boys suddenly stuck the tube. The driver of the boys’ boat claimed that he had not time to stop before hitting the inner tube. The accident caused two of the three girls to suffer from injuries.

The girls were quickly rescued by a fire boat on the scene. Authorities have stated that the girls do not have life-threatening injuries. They are currently receiving treatment in the Broward Health Medical Center.

The case shows how dangerous boating can be. The operator of a boat has the significant responsibility of driving in clear paths. In this case, it is unclear whether the driver of the boat with the teenage boys was negligent in any manner. The news article did not indicate whether the girls would file any legal claims against the operator of the boat that struck them. A Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer may be able to assist the injured victims in asserting a legal claim. He or she will likely need to gather additional facts to determine whether any party was negligent. The facts do not indicate whether the girls were contributorily negligent in any manner.

Boating accidents can occur in a variety of ways. A Fort Lauderdale Boat Accident Attorney may need to assess whether an accident occurred as the result of a defective part within a boat. Boat manufacturers and distributors may be liable in a strict products liability action if a plaintiff has suffered from injuries as the result of a defective boat. Boating accidents may also occur when an operator is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They may occur when a driver is also engaged in distracting activities, such as texting or talking on a smartphone.

If you have been involved in a similar type of boating accident, you may want to speak with a boating accident injury lawyer to learn about your legal rights. Those who have been injured as the result of reckless boating habits of another may be entitled to punitive damages. Other forms of damages that may be available include pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and loss of consortium. Feel free to call a Fort Lauderdale injury lawyer if you want to schedule an initial consultation to see whether you have a valid legal claim.