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I-95 Crash Leaves 2 Dead

On Interstate 95, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a man and a woman were killed in a car crash an approximately two in the morning. Traveling at a high speed, their vehicle crashed into the back of a garbage truck. Although the driver of the garbage truck was not hurt, both the driver and passenger of the car were dead at the site of the accident. The investigation by the Florida Highway patrol is not yet complete, and there has not been a toxicology report. However, this incident illustrates the importance of a Fort Lauderdale Auto Injury Attorney.Many people would jump to the conclusion that because the car rear-ended the truck that it was the fault of the driver. In addition, many people might assume that the driver was driving while intoxicated. Although a toxicology screen will provide a lot of information on whether the driver was impaired, there are many possibilities, and people should not jump to conclusions.For the surviving family members of both the driver and the passenger, it is important to have an auto injury attorney. It is possible that there was an issue with the car itself. The reason for the high speed collision from behind could have been a stuck accelerator or perhaps the breaks were not working properly. In many newer cars, there can be issues related to poor quality construction or parts used by the manufacturer. Other times it can be negligence on the part of an auto repair company that created a hazard to the driver and passengers of the car.

There is also the issue of the passenger. Even if blame can be placed on the driver, this same driver has certain obligations to a passenger. The driver’s insurance company can be on the hook, so to speak, for payments to the surviving members of the passenger’s family. When there is an auto accident with injuries, there are usually several issues related to the accident, and those without a specialty in personal injury law will not understand what they are. It doesn’t have to be an accident that results in death. Even minor injuries can lead to medical expenses and a loss of work time that are unexpected.

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