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Firefighter Killed In I-95 Crash In Fort Lauderdale

Kevin Johns, who was a 48 year-old firefighter, was killed after he was struck by a car on September 30, 2014. The accident occurred on I-95. According to Florida Highway Patrol Troopers, the firefighter stopped on the road to change a tire. The driver of the car who struck Johns was Lorenza Simmons, who is also 48 years-old. She was trying to swerve in order to avoid hitting Johns. However, she hit his vehicle. After she hit the vehicle, she struck Johns.

When Simmons realized she had hit Johns, she got out of her vehicle to check on him. She told the police officers that she called 911 and checked to see if Johns was breathing. He was conscious after he was struck by the car, and he tried to speak to Simmons. However, Simmons was not able to understand what Johns was saying.

The paramedics arrived shortly after the accident occurred, and they took Johns to the Delray Medical Center. However, he died around 1 p.m. The accident had occurred earlier that morning. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the accident. Johns had been working as a firefighter for the past 25 years.

Many people manage to walk away from a car accident without a scratch. Unfortunately, others do not make it. While some accidents are unavoidable, many people get into an accident because they are negligent. They were doing things that they know would make driving more dangerous, such as talking on the phone, sending a text message or drinking and driving. Negligent drivers have claimed the lives of many people.

No amount of money can erase the physical and emotional scars of an accident or bring back a deceased loved one. However, it can help people pay for their medical bills or the final expenses of their loved one. It can also help people make up for their lost wages. That is why you may want to hire Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys.

A Fort Lauderdale accident attorney will thoroughly examine your case and all of the facts surrounding it. This will help your lawyer determine whether you are able to get compensation. If you are eligible for compensation, then your Fort Lauderdale accident attorney will work hard to make sure that you get the amount that you deserve.