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One Dead, Two Hurt in Crash on I-95

A Fort Lauderdale man was killed and two others hospitalized on I-595 in the early morning hours of November 27, 2013. The multi-car crash took place near the Davie Road exit during a driving rainstorm. The car of the deceased was struck on the left side, causing him to be ejected. Police report his body was found on the roadway near one of the vehicles.

The driver of the BMW that struck the car is from Pompano Beach and was hospitalized with minor injuries. A pedestrian, also of Fort Lauderdale, was seriously injured and transported to Broward Health Medical Center. A fourth vehicle was involved, but the driver from Miami was not injured.

The roadway around the crash area was closed for five hours. The Florida Highway Patrol is asking for information concerning the crash.

This multi-car crash is just one of six million auto accidents that happen every year in the United States. They usually involve speeding or alcohol. Car accidents are usually grouped into three categories. The number one cause is negligence, which simply means that the driver did not act in a reasonable manner, such as not paying attention to road conditions. Misconduct often involves alcohol, which may make the driver act in a reckless manner. The third cause is product liability, meaning it was the car and not the driver that caused the accident, such as a defective tire.

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