Fatal scooter crash exposes hazardous turn
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Fatal scooter crash exposes hazardous turn in Davie

A recent fatal crash with a scooter motorist in Davie highlights a roadway’s dangerous curve.

Albert Lenches, 74, was killed Friday when a silver 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse spun out of control on the wet pavement and slammed into his scooter, according to a police report.

The Eclipse driven by Brian Rosado, 20, traveled north on Reese Road in the 2600 block while the electric scooter came southbound on that same stretch of road, police said.

Rosado estimated his speed was approximately 45 miles per hour and, as he negotiated the curve, he lost control of his car and attempted to regain it before striking Lenches.

“I was driving and spun out and hit him and he’s dead!” Rosado told police. “I hit him hard and he’s dead.”

After hitting Lenches, Rosado’s car landed against a utility pole on the west shoulder of the road where the posted speed limit is 35 mph. He suffered injuries to his leg, back and neck and was treated at Westside Regional Hospital, according to the report.

Lenches was transported to Broward General Hospital where he later died, police said. His sister requested that the scooter be destroyed after the investigation is completed.

Florida does not require any training for motorists driving a scooter or a motorcycle endorsement for scooter drivers when driving scooters with engines smaller than 50 cubic centimeters.

From 2006 to 2010, there were 314 people killed in crashes involving motor scooters, mini-bikes and pocket motorcycles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The case remains under investigation, but police reported Rosado was negligent because his tires were balding, according to the report. The roadway was wet, although there was no standing water during the afternoon crash.

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