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Driver crashes through front of Subway in Plantation

A 19-year-old-female inexplicably lost control of the SUV she was driving last week, crossed a median and several parking spots and crashed through the front of a Subway restaurant in Plantation. The woman reportedly never should have been behind the wheel of the vehicle as she allegedly had a restricted license that only permitted her to drive with appropriate supervision. Witnesses said she was driving at a high rate of speed before the crash. She said that her accelerator was struck. Due to the extensive damage to the building, inspectors have shut the business down until further notice.
Aside from the license violation, it’s highly likely that the SUV driver was guilty of several other traffic offenses including keeping her vehicle under proper control at all times. Given the facts of the case, the Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney is going to look into the distinct possibility that she was guilty of distracted driving by texting or otherwise using a cellular device while driving.
The National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) most recent distracted driving statistics are from 2013. There were 3,154 people killed in distracted driving accidents that year, and about 424,000 were injured. As Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers, part of our job is to try to prevent distracted driving accidents by educating the public about them.
Texting and driving involves the same three sensory activities as driving does. Those are cognitive, visual and manual functions. When you’re texting and driving, all three of those functions are focused on your cellular device and not on the road.
The Virginia Tech Traffic Institute tells that when you’re texting while driving, your eyes are off of the road for at least five seconds. At 55 miles per hour, you’re basically traveling the length of a football field with your eyes closed. A lot can happen ahead of you in just five seconds. When you take your eyes off of your cellular device and comprehend what’s happening ahead, you’ll have the reaction time of a 70-year-old.
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