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Do I Have To Go To Court If I Want To Recover Monetary Damages In My Auto Accident Case?

No, you absolutely do not have to go to court if you want to recover damages in your auto case. Our firm has handled thousands of cases over the years and we’ve generally settle about 80% of those cases without even filing a lawsuit. Probably 95 to 97% of all automobile cases will get settled without ever going to trial, so there are a number of ways to settle your case. The first way to settle a case is without even filing a lawsuit. You go to an attorney, he makes a claim on your behalf, and then a settlement is made with your agreement as to exactly how much the settlement is and how much you’re going to end up with in your pocket. Even if a lawsuit’s filed, the vast majority of those cases get settled prior to actually going to a court and having a jury hear that case. The case can also be settled in mediation before you go to court, so the likelihood is that the vast majority of cases get settled without ever going to court.