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Two Crashes Involve Deputies

Auto accidents happen everyday, and in the United States approximately 110 deaths occur every day. In Broward County, there were over 235,000 car accidents last year. DUI drivers or those texting while driving are distracted and dangerous. If an accident happens to you or a loved one that was not your fault, it is important to contact an experienced Dania Beach injury lawyer. The responsible driver should not be left with all the damages.Two similar, but non-associated accidents happened in southern Florida on December 14, 2013. One of the accidents occurred in Port Everglades and one in Dania Beach, and the similarity between the two accidents was that both drivers hit Florida Sheriffs. One of the sheriffs was walking across a crosswalk, and the other was driving his patrol car.The sheriff who was hit while walking was in Port Everglades and sustained only minor injuries. The second accident occurred in Dania Beach because the driver did not allow enough space for a U-turn. U-turns are legal in Florida, but with care. This car started turning and caused another vehicle to swerve, which then caused the sheriff’s patrol car to swerve, and be hit.

There were no major injuries, but the driver hit a sheriff’s car! Is more proof needed to show that drivers are not driving defensively, but they are distracted. Sudden collisions at high rates of speed can be devastating to a victim and their family, and the costs can be astronomical.

When you have been in a car accident, there are two actions that should be taken immediately.

1) Get complete medical attention.
2) Contact a skilled Dania Beach injury lawyer.

After you have obtained the physicians’ reports, the next step is to contact an experienced attorney who will help you through this time. Most insurance companies do not reimburse their client for the total value on the vehicle, rehabilitation and missed time from work, so a professional Dania Beach Injury lawyer is needed to recover those costs.

There are no upfront fees for a free consultation, so one can be scheduled to discuss the details of the accident. An attorney will answer all your questions, and they will help you in the next steps to take. A reliable Dania Beach injury lawyer only receives a fee when they win the settlement in court for their client, so consultations are always free. Once you become aware of your rights, a compassionate and aggressive Dania Beach injury lawyer can proceed in collecting the damages the victim is due.