Call a PI Law Firm for Watercraft Injuries in Fort Lauderdale
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Call a PI Law Firm for Watercraft Injuries in Fort Lauderdale

Suffering any type of injury can be traumatic, and sometimes, medical expenses can be financially devastating. If you’ve been injured due to external negligence or because of an unsafe environment, then it is your right to seek legal advice from a personal injury law firm. In Fort Lauderdale, water and action sports are common, and you should expect a reasonable level of care and safety to be provided by service companies. Following an incident, it is important that you contact us at APM Florida personal injury attorneys, so that you can begin the process of filing a personal injury claim to compensate for damages.

Disproportionate Incident Numbers in Fort Lauderdale

personal injury attorneys Fort LauderdaleBecause Fort Lauderdale is an international tourist destination, it has a disproportionate number of watercraft injuries when compared to the rest of the United States. Many of the watercraft users in the area are inexperienced, and often have little training before taking to the water. This means that there is more chance of incidents occurring, and because there are large numbers of people on the water every year, these numbers can quickly add up.

This creates risk in two key areas. Not only are the inexperienced at risk of being involved in incidents while using rented watercraft, but experienced users are also at risk of being injured due to a collision or other accident caused by an inexperienced user.

Whatever the cause of the incident, if you are not at fault, then you have to take action with a PI law firm. You may need to cover damages to your craft, personal injury damages, or in the worst case scenario, an incident on the water could lead to an accidental death. At Abramowitz, Pomerantz & Morehead, P.A., you can rely on experienced legal professionals who have a proven track record of delivering results.

Staying Safe on the Water

Even though you do have various legal protections available to you, the best strategy is to stay safe on the water. Although you can’t control every situation, the following tips will help to ensure that you reduce your chances of being involved in a watercraft incident.

A personal flotation device is essential for your safety. This will ensure that should you become unseated from your craft, you will reduce your risk of accidental drowning. All operators and passengers must wear a non-inflatable flotation device that is approved to specification I, III, III, or V.

PI Law Firm for Watercraft Injuries in Fort LauderdaleIt is important to remain aware of other craft on the water, and respect the fact that public water areas are shared and should be enjoyed by everyone. You may not maneuver or make any sudden turns in close proximity to other personal watercraft or larger vessels. There are also limitations when it comes to crossing the wake of another craft. To remain compliant with regulations, ensure that you don’t cross the wake within 100ft of another vessel.

Remember that you are responsible for advising anyone operating your own personal watercraft, whether you are offering the use of your craft to a friend or family member, or if you are providing the craft as part of a commercial service. Any user must be made aware of all rules and regulations, and you should ensure that you have provided adequate training and safety equipment. Neither you nor any other person should use a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol, as doing so can create a serious safety risk, and can put you at risk of a law suit should there be an incident on the water.

Lastly, ensure that you respect all wildlife on the water, avoiding collisions and refraining from harassing or otherwise interfering with fish, birds, or mammals. There are numerous laws protecting the Florida wildlife, so the best strategy is to maintain moderate speeds and avoid any visible concentrations of wildlife when on the water.

Beginning the Process of an Injury Claim

Any time that you’ve been involved in an incident, ensure that you and your companions are safe and accounted for before taking any further action. Report the incident to local authorities, and then contact our PI attorneys to begin the process of building your personal injury case.

Our team of personal injury attorneys Fort Lauderdale will work with you to gather all of the relevant details and any necessary documentation to support the case. We’ll ensure that we make the process as stress-free as possible, and will advise you through all relevant steps.

Enjoying the Florida coastline on a watercraft is all part of the Fort Lauderdale experience. Take adequate safety precautions, and rely on the best local PI law firm when the need for a personal injury claim arises.