Chances of your Accident Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale Taking it to Court?
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What are the Chances of your Accident Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale Taking it to Court?

So you’ve suffered an injury and you need compensation. Well, this is pretty common, we’re not going to lie, though we do readily acknowledge that every single case is inherently different. So here’s the question: is yours going to court? Are you going to get justice? The first thing that we want to point out is that court cases are not nearly as dramatic as they like to make them appear on television, least of all personal injury cases.

As your accident lawyers firm in Fort Lauderdale, we’d like to inform you that for most people they are actually quite boring unless you’re a fan of legalese, procedure, and sitting in the same place for a very long time. In fact, many of these cases never actually see a courtroom which might seem a bit of a disappointment to you. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as bad as it might sound right now. There is actually a reason for this, and we’re going to go over it shortly.

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Why Wouldn’t your Accident Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale Go to Trial?

You’ve waited a long time for it – your in court. You want your compensation, you want everyone to hear your case, you want everyone to know that you’ve been wronged. Well, there are actually a few different reasons for which it might not be feasible to take your situation into the courtroom, including the following:

Your Financial Benefit

Sometimes it is far better for an individual to settle the case outside of court, particularly if they know that they are going to be held responsible for the incident. If you are in fact not the defendant, you can use settlement to mitigate the damage done to both your reputation and your wallet. You can, after all, choose how much you want to offer the defendant in this situation.

Keeping it Private

Getting involved in a case like this can be a bit damaging, especially if there are prominent individuals involved. If you don’t want your case front and center, then you would definitely settle out of court. This almost always applies to larger companies and corporations who want to keep their reputation intact after an incident like this, but do remember that you are under absolutely no obligation to accept the settlement if you simply want to take it to the next level. Remember, however, that if you settle out of court, you’re going to be subject to their terms, which means accepting whatever they give you, and perhaps even keeping to a confidentiality agreement.

Cutting Down on the Time

accident attorney in Fort LauderdaleTrials are long, and sometimes they can actually play out over the course of years. As the plaintiff, there is a good chance you’re not interested in waiting that long for financial relief, and if there is an offer on the table, when why wouldn’t you take it? It’s guaranteed money and your ticket home, where you’ll never have to worry about this business again.

Guaranteed Win

When you go into a lawsuit there is no guarantee that you’re going to win, unless you are offered a settlement. That’s right, as an accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, we see many cases settled simply because the defendant is unsure of the outcome, even if they were in the right. Settling gets you compensation so that you can pay your medical bills, and you mitigate the chance that you would receive nothing in the event you went to trial.

Keep in mind that it is possible for settlement attempts to fail, and you may actually receive nothing unless you take it all the way to court. Want to know more? We’re going to speak to you in depth before you settle, or before you go to court. The chances that you’ll actually see a courtroom are minimal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen! Start planning and decide whether or not you can accept a settlement when it is offered. Remember, if you ARE offered a settlement, it means that you were probably going to win anyway, but there is always a margin for error.