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8 Killed And 4 Injured In A Truck Van Crash

A church van crashed into a canal, which resulted in the death of eight people. Four other people were injured and remain in the hospital. The members of the Independent Haitian Assembly of God held a candle light vigil in order of the members who had died in the crash. The accident occurred at 12:30 A.M. on March 30, 2015.

There were 18 people aboard the van. The people were traveling from Ft. Meyers to Ft. Pierce. People believe that the accident occurred because the driver ran a stop sign and plunged into the canal. Nozairre Norie was one of the people who had survived the crash. She stated that once everyone realized that they were going into the ditch, they began screaming.

Nozairre Norie also stated that people were singing just moments before the crash had occurred. Nicolas Alexis was one of the other people who survived the crash. He stated that he was sitting at the back of the van, but he was thrown to the front when the crash occurred.

Nicolas desperately tried to fin help after the accident had occurred. He kicked out a window, which caused him to injure his leg, and began screaming “Help!” Nicolas said that he fell to the ground and almost passed out because he had lost a lot of blood.

He stated that he had seen one car stop. He explained to the driver what had happened. Help soon arrived and began pulling people from the van. The driver was one of the eight people who was killed in the crash.

Phillipe Dooce had a family member on the van. He said that what happened was tragic, but praying was the only thing that he could do about it. Dooce also say that he and the members of Independent Haitian Assembly Of God are relying on their faith to get them through this very difficult time.

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