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5 People Injured in Fort Lauderdale Car Accident

The most fierce automobile accidents seem to happen at all hours of the night. A vehicle in Fort Lauderdale and its driver were responsible for injuring five pedestrians not too long ago in the Fort Lauderdale area. The incident occurred at 3 a.m., which is an extremely odd hour for such an incident. Two of the victims were brothers, and their names were Christian and Sebastian Stiliadis. Their father Anthony was shocked to hear the news. The two boys suffered this incident shortly after they had entered the area from Canada. A nearby resident was making pizza when he heard the loud noise of the crash and the high-pitched voices of the people who were screaming.

Not much information about how the accident occurred was released in the police report. One witness said that the driver seemed angry, and the vehicle was going fast. The police are still investigating the matter, but many elements could be involved in the incident. Drunken driving can be a factor, and road rage can be a factor. Both circumstances can leave the driver in a huge mess. The incident is definitely a personal injury against all five people.

Info About Personal Injury

A personal injury is an incident that occurs when one person is harmed because of the carelessness and neglect of another person. In the above-mentioned case, whomever was driving the car is most likely responsible for some form of neglect. Drunk driving is a harshly neglectful occurrence, and judges usually order the faulty person to pay punitive damages as well as compensatory damages when neglect is involved. The incident could have involved road rage, which is another form of neglect. Angry people tend to step on the pedal harshly. Other things that could have caused the accident are distracted driving and sleep driving. All five injured persons have a right to speak with an attorney and try to get compensation for their injuries.

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